About us

About us

We simplify and solve illogics

Taking the
unconventional perspective

We see things from a different
angle. Doing it in a different way.


We wonder why? Why so complex?
Why not easier? Simpler?

Keeping it simple,
realistic and grounded

We simplify complexity in a
profound, calculated, realistic way.

Looking for creative

We think outside of the box to create
solutions with clever technology.

Looking for green and
social ways

We take care of our planet and

Connecting parties in
a clever way

We bring parties together to
create a global community of
sustainable ship-from-store

Let’s make our planet a better
connected eco-friendly place

Let’s connect

It is our mission to create a sustainable global network to collect & deliver parcels from retail stores in all major cities of the world.

Today we offer our services in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands in partnership with specialized local eco-friendly couriers. We will expand our network and services over the coming years to more cities and countries to provide a global ship-from-store experience.

Brick and mortar retailers are struggling with online competition, while they have the best possible footprint to offer online buyers an excellent service. We want to help brick and mortar retailers to turn stores into ecommerce assets.

Ecommerce keeps growing.
So does our environmental responsibility

We all love ecommerce but we can’t ignore the negative effects for our planet. We want to do what we can to reduce carbon emissions with sustainable collection and delivery transport means.

We are entrepreneurs with a passion. We love logistics, we love ecommerce and we want our kids to live on a safe and green planet. We are a mixture of people with different background, but with the same passion to help retailers to protect the planet. A professional team with passion and heart.

Meet us

Pieter Paul van den Hoven

Pieter Paul
van den Hoven

Team & Finance

Co-founder and responsible for team and finance. Pieter has a background as a startup entrepreneur at Checkmetrix and TAPP and at ING financing tech companies. Enjoys building teams and getting the numbers right.

Rijk van Meekeren

van Meekeren

Strategy & Commerce

Co-founder and responsible for strategy and commerce. Rijk is an expert in ecommerce logistics and is founder and former CEO of B2C Europe, a market leader in cross border logistics. He loves to create technology driven innovations.

Gjorgji Strezoski



Responsible for tech. Gjorgji is a Ph.D. computer scientist researching machine learning and computer vision. Loves technical challenges and building mind blowing technological innovations.

Tycho Kievit



Responsible for operations and carrier partner relations. Tycho previously developed and managed the carrier partner network of Easyship. Likes logistics and supply chain systems.