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October 22, 2020
StoreShippers - Nienke van Meekeren
October 22, 2020
StoreShippers - Nienke van Meekeren

Deal or no deal, the choice of the British to leave the European Union will have significant consequences for cross border e-commerce. Until now it was not necessary to have a separate warehouse for the European mainland and for the UK. However, with Brexit this will be necessary because the border crossing will entail custom controls, additional red tape and costs. It then becomes more difficult to transport goods across customs borders, which makes the supply chain uncertain and expensive.

Retailers will have to adapt their shipping and sales policies to the new circumstances and rules

Many carriers are therefore transferring their warehousing and distribution capacity from the UK to the European mainland, or they have opted for multiple inventory locations: one in the EU and one in the UK. Moreover, production activities are relocated from the UK to the EU to avoid delays and extra costs. For brick-and-mortar retailers there is an easier and more cost-effective way to bypass chaos and long waiting times at the border, namely by implementing a ship-from-store fulfilment strategy. StoreShippers believes ship-from-store is the future for global online retail.

The white paper describes the changes and new regulations resulting from Brexit, what the consequences are for global retail and why a ship-from-store fulfilment strategy is a solution to this problem.

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White paper by: Nienke van Meekeren
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