Improve the delivery experience and grow your online business

February 5, 2021
StoreShippers - Nienke van Meekeren
February 5, 2021
StoreShippers - Nienke van Meekeren

In recent years, e-commerce companies have taken significant steps to improve their delivery process. However, the growth in the number of online orders and increased consumer demands and expectations create new challenges in the field of e-commerce logistics. In this blog we show how you can grow your online business by improving the delivery experience.

Why improve your delivery experience?
Online businesses sometimes tend to focus entirely on systems, processes and products, sometimes overlooking the consumer and his experience. This while the survival of your business depends on their purchasing loyalty. It is therefore important to keep thinking about ways to create added value for the consumer. One area where you can differentiate yourself as an online store from your competition is the delivery process. Consumers increasingly value the way their orders are shipped and delivered. They expect a transparent and frictionless delivery experience, and if that experience isn’t delivered, consumers will go elsewhere. This is evidenced by the fact that 84% of shoppers won’t return to a brand that misses their delivery. The delivery experience can therefore determine the competitiveness of your online store.

61% of consumers are willing to pay for same-day or faster delivery

What are online shoppers looking for?
So what are online shoppers looking for in (last-mile) delivery? We distinguish 3 elements that improve the delivery experience: fast delivery, real-time order tracking and flexibility.

1. Fast delivery

To stand out from other online stores and to stay ahead of your competition, it is important that you listen to what consumers want and expect. Their primary demand has been found to be rapid delivery services. That consumers attach great importance to fast delivery is evident from the fact that 80% of online shoppers want same-day shipping. 61% want to receive their packages even faster, preferably within 1-3 hours of placing an order. In fact, 49% of consumers state that same-day delivery makes them more likely to shop online and 61% of consumers are even willing to pay for same-day or faster delivery.

If you want your online store to compete, same-day or faster delivery is becoming a must-have feature. Same-day delivery combines the convenience of online shopping with the instant gratification that consumers are accustomed to when buying a product in a physical store, bringing the online shopping experience closer to the offline shopping experience. By adding this wow factor to your online delivery, you can improve customer satisfaction, boost loyalty and thus increase your online sales.

2. Real-time order tracking

Secondly, consumers expect real-time order tracking. Real-time tracking allows consumers to track their order delivery and see the status of the order. As a result, they know exactly when the order was shipped, where the order is at that time and when it will arrive. Moreover, a real-time tracking system is not only beneficial for the consumer, but also for you as an online store. With real-time order tracking, shipping companies are immediately aware of any issues and their response time to solving a problem is much shorter. The real-time tracking system will help both consumers and businesses to get proper real-time visibility, which helps to improve the delivery experience.

3. Flexibility

Lastly, allow consumers to select a day and a time that suits their schedule. While most consumers prefer home delivery, some prefer to pick up their order from a pick-up point. As an online store it is important that you offer both options. In addition, it is convenient for consumers to offer multiple delivery times. This could include multiple delivery days, including the weekend, and multiple delivery times, including evenings. It is also important to display delivery options on the product page, so consumers know upfront what their options are. Extra flexibility can be created by offering consumers the option to change delivery in-transit, redirecting to a new address or time. 62% of consumers consider this a key factor.

By offering fast delivery, real-time order tracking and flexibility you increase the chance to improve the delivery experience, which increases consumer loyalty and boosts repeat purchases.

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Blog by: Nienke van Meekeren
Sources used: Go People, Shippit, Convey
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