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March 9, 2021
March 9, 2021

We are happy to announce that StoreShippers is live in Den Bosch! This means that StoreShippers is now active in 41 cities in the Netherlands. We now offer stores in Den Bosch a full range of ship-from-store services, including instant delivery (1h delivery), same-day delivery and next-day delivery nationwide.

Den Bosch, officially called ‘s-Hertogenbosch, is a city in the southern region of the Netherlands and the capital of the province of North Brabant. It is a city with a rich history and many faces. Check out these other fun facts about Den Bosch!

StoreShippers provides same-day ship-from-store delivery to all 155.113+ consumers in Den Bosch and surroundings

1. A city with multiple names

The city is popularly called Den Bosch, but its official name is’ s-Hertogenbosch. This official name is a contraction of des Hertogen bosch (the Duke’s forest). In addition to Den Bosch and ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the city has a third name. During the days of carnival, the city is ‘renamed’ Oeteldonk. During these days, the city is also temporarily called a village: ‘t durp Oeteldonk (the village of Oeteldonk), which features big parades on the three days before Shrove Tuesday. Oeteldonk, the carnival and all associated traditions, such as traditional costume, the blue farm smock and the red-white-yellow colours, have been maintained for 133 years.

2. The 18th city of the Netherlands

With a population of 155.113, Den Bosch is the 18th city in the Netherlands. In addition, it is the fourth city in the province of North Brabant. Den Bosch, together with the other four large Brabant cities and surrounding areas, forms the Brabantstad metropolitan area. This is an area with approximately 1.8 million inhabitants that is strongly oriented towards the facilities and employment in the five cities.

3. An enterprising city

Den Bosch is an enterprising city with many shops and restaurants. These businesses are run by people with a passion for their businesses and an eye for the customer. More than 70% of these belong to the self-employed category. Den Bosch’s ambition is to continue to belong to the top five of Dutch inner cities, the city’s calling card.




4. Most Hospitable City in the Netherlands

You don’t have to explain to the residents of the city that Den Bosch is hospitable, but this has also been shown time and again from objective research. Den Bosch has been voted the Most Hospitable City in the Netherlands four times in total.

5. Kutbier and Bossche bol

When you think of Den Bosch, many immediately think of good food and drink. Den Bosch is known for its Bossche bol, a large profiterole filled with whipped cream and coated entirely or almost entirely with (usually dark) chocolate fondant icing. They are traditionally eaten with the fingers, which can be quite messy. In addition, Den Bosch is known for the Bossche Kut, a fresh blond beer that has been developed and is brewed by two Dutch women.

6. Calling an angel

Have you always wanted to call an angel? Then you’ve come to the right place in Den Bosch! St. John’s Cathedral is Den Bosch’s main attraction. Among all the creatures on the cathedral, one figure stands out. One of the angels wears jeans, has a laptop bag slung over one shoulder and is chatting on a mobile phone. This ringing angel was placed during one of the restoration works. Her name is Ut Engelke and you can actually call her on 06-26347470.

7. StoreShippers’ coverage

StoreShippers provides same-day ship-from-store delivery to all 155.113+ consumers in Den Bosch and surroundings. In the Netherlands, StoreShippers is operating in 41 cities!


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