Ship-From-Store: Carbon Emission Calculator

February 12, 2020
February 12, 2020

Global ecommerce is growing rapidly with no indication of slowing down. As a result, delivery vans have become a permanent part of the street scene. Vans drive back and forth to the homes of consumers, while trucks supply the distribution centres. These transport movements cause complex challenges in and for cities, and are accompanied by high carbon emissions, both inside and outside cities. In order to continue to meet the growing demand for online products without burdening the environment, ecommerce deliveries must become more sustainable and efficient. We at StoreShippers believe that ship-from-store is the way forward for global online retail.

The future of ecommerce depends on its sustainability and efficiency

Until now there is no measurement system that offers reliable end-to-end data about carbon emissions for ship-fromstore. However, there are several proven measurement systems for specific parts of the supply chain and by combining the best in class measurements systems for each part of the supply chain, StoreShippers has created a ship-from-store Carbon Emission Calculator.

In this white paper we describe sustainability in the supply chain of ecommerce, existing carbon emission measurements, the way we designed the ship-from-store calculator and its most important dimensions.

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White paper by: Nienke van Meekeren
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