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January 8, 2020
StoreShippers - Nienke van Meekeren
January 8, 2020
StoreShippers - Nienke van Meekeren

The growth of global ecommerce creates opportunities for any kind of initiative to make parcel delivery faster, cheaper and easier. The consumer has a choice of numerous different providers, which causes that the wishes and expectations of the modern consumers are greater than ever. Consumers are not only becoming more demanding in terms of speed and costs, but sustainability also appears to play an increasingly important role in their purchasing decisions. This is apparent from the fact that 69 per cent of online shoppers would be inclined to order from an online store if they knew that it is committed to sustainable delivery and packaging.

Sustainability appears to play an increasingly important role in the purchasing decisions of consumers

To outsmart the competition, online retailers often offer different delivery options, such as home delivery and pick-up point delivery, with one delivery method having a greater impact on the environment than the other. Research shows that 85 per cent of consumers would opt for a more sustainable parcel delivery method – even if that meant a longer delivery time. Although consumers prefer to choose a delivery method that minimizes carbon emissions, in practice it is still difficult for consumers to make a considered choice between the different delivery methods. It is often not clear to consumers how much carbon emissions are released per delivery method. How can consumers make a rational decision if they don’t even know how sustainable the delivery solution is? Without global sustainability measurement systems in place and without mentioning the emission factor in the check-out, the ecommerce industry stays behind the market’s needs. Consumers are becoming more environmentally aware, but currently have no real choice.

At the same moment, the delivery companies tumble over each other to tell the world how sustainable they are. They understand that sustainability becomes the key message during the years to come. However, it seems that even the experts themselves often have no clue about sustainability. When it is still accepted to tell the world that you are sustainable when you add volumes to existing networks, we are still far away from real change. Of course everything is relative, but lip service doesn’t change anything. We have to act and we have to act on facts.

We from StoreShippers have developed a measurement system and calculator for ship-from-store logistics. This model will be launched in our whitepaper at the end of January. Before we launch our whitepaper we are eager to check the knowledge of consumers and experts in global logistics and ask you to complete the enclosed small survey with regards to sustainability of delivery methods. The survey can be found by clicking here. We ask you to rank different delivery methods in order of sustainability. The results of the survey will be shared in our next whitepaper.


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Blog by: Nienke van Meekeren
Sources used: B2C Europe
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